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In today's business the video has become an indispensable element of communication with customers, partners and investors. Although some of these videos are often very boring. DUBAICEBERG offers cool and affordable video production service for business, including companies with a limited budget, and meets demanding customer. Bright and efficient videos should become a reality for small and medium business.
DUBAICEBERG - Digital Emotions Video Production.

What We Do

Marketing Video

Product, Service & Company Marketing, Image Video, Video Commercial, Product Review, Digital Signage.

Corporate Video

Presentation, Industrial Video, Infographics, Training/How-To, Video Testimonial, Corporate Event, HR CV-Video.

Event & Promo

Anniversary & Awards Ceremony, Announcement, Trade Show, Event Videography & Photo, Event`s Content.

CTA Interactive Video

Newest video format for interaction with customer. Mandatory format for every business.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour for your service/brand with magnificent interactive 360-degree tour. Your customers get stuck.

Content Promotion

We post & promote your video on popular social networks - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

Live Video Email

Live video email sending - is currently one of the most effective marketing digital tool.

Web Tools

Quiz & customized HTML games, Poll & Survey online, Live event poll.

Annual Plans & Interactive

One good video can replace hundreds and thousand of presentations, emails, calls, meetings, posters and banners. Play the video

Our Super Options +

Branded Song in Video

When in video sounds not just a voiceover but comes with a song about your brand/service it looks & impresses very cool. We compose lyrics and record your songs in Rap, Jazz, Pop & Rock.

Brand & Logo Design

Very often in promotional films and media need to show your logo and corporate identity in all its glory. If you do not have a logo or you do not like it, we will develop your style and logo in the best possible way.

Cool Tools for Your Website for FREE

Live Chat, Invoicer, FB Bot, Quiz & Game, Cost Calc, 360 Panoramic, Business Management App. We provide this service only those who ordered our plan.

Idea, Script & Story

Video without of idea is only the flicker of frames on the screen. We think up a worthy idea and write a quality script that fits your video the best.

Email Video Marketing

We will arrange your video email campaign with embedding video in HTML and body of the message with the ability of tracking recipients behavior's.

Video Greeting Cards

Video Greeting Cards for amazing impression. Video Greeting, Brochures, Business Cards, Point of Sale, Event, Promo, Birthday & Wedding.


Today many people have ceased to perceive the information by reading, and video has become an integral element of any business.

It is clear that a professional video of various kinds is needed for B2C & B2B services - restaurants, cafes, hotels and travel agencies, real estate agencies, delivery services, medical and fitness, retailers, event companies, industrial services and many others.

In any case, the purpose of the video is reduced to the following points:

  • Sell goods & service
  • Explain the problem & solution
  • Promote brand or business
  • PR & awareness
  • Highlight the event or story
  • Entertaining for hype


We have a certain look at what should be an effective film for business.
Our priorities - high quality, creativity and affordable prices.
We are professionals skilled to cope with the task of the client. Obviously the best price is the deciding factor. As we do.

Vision and Creativity

Even an old rusty nail can become a VIP object and dance Rock & Roll. Video production can do almost everything... However the most important thing is not the effects & tricks as an opportunity to show the spirit and emotion of your brand or company.

Skills and Experience

Well, we can tell a lot of good words about us ... :) It could be estimated only by our clients.

Price Plan

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices. Just imagine, your video will cost you the price of iPhone, laptop or harmful 300 Big Macs.
Video Production in Dubai

Corporate Music Video

2GIS Promo Song Theme
Lets sing a song about business
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Video is a King of customer`s attention

Importance of Business Videos for SMBs

Over the past few years, there has been a continuous growth in the demand for SMBs to employ videos as one of their marketing medium. It is a well known fact that the use of promotional films can make your business. A reasonable amount of businesses lose profits from not using video as marketing strategy. So, there been increment in the demand for marketing.

SMBs consumers would much rather watch a video that talks about business than read about it. Considering an on-the-go attitude, promotional film of minimal and mid length suit the busy lifestyle of today`s consumers compared to reading long written contents, for example like this one. Similarly, consumers profit from watching videos about products, learning the principle behind its functionality and what they can expect before making a purchase.

When interacting with social media, videos have proven to increase consumer engagement. Consumers show a more interest in blogs or newsletters, including a video than ones that do not through emails or social channels.

Watching promotional film about services or products is most helpful for consumers when at a point of decision of buying your goods/services. In fact, most consumers enjoy a video that describes how the product or service works. Do you use video to engage with your customers?

It is naturally engaging and, in an age of information overload, it is viral for small businesses to provide content that is easily digested; if this is not done, consumers won`t yield positively. Promotional film does this very well. According to Forrester`s researchers, if a picture creates a thousand words, then video of 6 seconds will worth over a million.

Video Production Dubai

Is Video Production Really Possible for SMBs?

Absolutely! The costs of video production service have reduced greatly of recent and you no longer need to be a technical whiz to work out how to use it. Sites such as Dubaiceberg have drastically increased the opportunity for businesses on a limited budget to get struck in. Nevertheless, if you are to realize a decent return on your investment, you need to take note of the following;

  • Consider the audience you are targeting and ensure the video is relevant to them. If it is not the best way to pass the message across, it is a waste of time.
  • Be creative, not only with the promotional film themselves but in the campaign method you build around them. The system of Creativity wins over the cost of production every time. Get that bit right and video won`t just the future of business marketing; it will be the future of business marketing for you.

This is the type of marketing that can help any SMBs spread their message and display brand personality in a quick way and helps communication between viewers. Considering the recent innovations in the field of technology, like the growing number of projects related to SMBs services, we can tell that the importance of video in the future will be even greater. But, let us stick to the present now.

Corporate Music Video

EDI Music Corporate
Emirates Driving Institute`s Video
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