Guidelines To Creating A Great Marketing Video For A Fitness Club

A great promo video is one that appeals to the intended market and achieves its intended goal of increasing the number of customers for the fitness club. Picking up a video camera and making just about any video will definitely not be enough to achieve this. Certain key steps need to be followed.

Figure out and nail down all the necessary factors

This is where you figure out the goal of the video and how best to achieve it. Factors such as the content, context, intended market, video features, spokesperson/ spokespeople, among others, are all to be considered in this step. Such things as determining the budget for the video and coming up with the best script are also in this step. At this point, you also determine whether you will work with a production company.

Dealing with the technicalities

In this step, you develop a stable and final plan on how the video will be produced. In this stage, you work with the production team, or the production company, if you decide to work with one in the first step. You will run your ideas by the production team and they will come up with a feasible plan that you can then approve or disapprove. This step calls for a lot of communication and determining the best parameters that either team can work with. For instance, if you want a 3D video, the team might disapprove based on the budget and the production requirement as well as the medium of transmission, which might not suit the 3D video. Instead, they could advice you on a HD video, which is a better option.


This step is where the actual shooting of the video takes place. Unless you are a producer yourself, you will have little input in the production. The production phase is when the production team or company gets to implement what you decided in step 2. You can of course ask for certain changes in the production, for example in the script, but you should keep them minimal to avoid delays.


Certain aspects of the raw video need to be altered before you can distribute it. There are certain things that need to be added into the video or cut out. That is all done in the editing phase. This is also largely done by the production team with little input from your side.


This is where the video is released to the market. The distribution could be through different media such as the TV, social media and other avenues.