Factors Of Consideration When Making A Promo Video For Your Restaurant

Using a video is an excellent marketing strategy. However, just holding a camera to someone's face and shooting, then posting the video does not cut it. There are certain factors that need to be put into account before you can attest to having created a great promo video.

Content and context

The content refers to what will be said in the video and the context refers to how it relates to the business and the target market. Both of these have to be done after extensive market research to determine what the market wants to know and how best you can communicate the message to them.

Video features

These are all the details of the video such as its quality and length. The quality needs to be high, without question and it needs to be shot by an expert. A low quality video does not speak well to the value that you place in your restaurant, which might raise questions and doubts from the market. A number of factors determine the length of the video. One of these is the medium of exposure. For instance, if you are going to air it as a television advert, then you should know that there is a limited time and you should make sure that you abide by it.


How the video is produced determines how well it comes out. The best option for production is of course, to work with an experienced and professional production company. The company will help you with the details of the video and in how best to put across your message.


Who will be in the video? Determining who will be shown in the video is a key aspect to the marketing scheme. You might cast the whole team but they might not all get to speak. Of course, the best way to go is to hire a well-known personality, preferably an actor, to appear in your video. Either way, the speaker(s) need(s) to be an outspoken individual who can easily get the script and bring it to life.


You cannot just have people moving haphazardly in your video. That is why you need to coordinate the movement and actions.


If you are going to have music playing in your video at any given time, then you need to consider whether you are going to play your own composition or have a song by another artist. If it is by another artist, the matter of copyrights needs to be visited.