Benefits Of Using An Animated Video For Marketing A Manufacturing Business

A recent development in video marketing that has drawn quite an audience is the use of animations. There is a certain appeal to using an animated video and it holds certain benefits that a real video cannot deliver, all while maintaining each the benefits that a real promo video has to offer.

Greater entertainment appeal

An animated video provides your audience with greater entertainment value than the real videos. That means that at the end of the day, it draws a larger audience, increases the traffic to your website, creates greater awareness for your business and achieves a greater marketing effect. It is also more memorable and gets more social media share value than a real video.

Cheaper production value

If compared with a real video, an animated one is much more affordable. For instance, an animated video can have multiple locations, multiple characters and generally lavish expense. If you had to adapt the same exact features to a real video, you would have too high a budget.

Faster production time

An animated video only requires an experienced designer and a reasonable amount of time. What it takes to animate in a week, could take months to shoot and produce. The overall conclusion is that it takes way less time to produce an animated video than it does a real video.

Moving past the impossibilities

An animated cartoon character can sit on a conveyer belt in a video while a real person cannot do the same and deliver the same effect. Generally, an animated video can include feats that are unrealistic and downright impossible in the real sense, without affecting the marketing effect. Actually, all the impossibilities might actually increase the entertainment value of the video.

Greater use of effects

Bearing in mind that animation can employ any effect possible without consequence, you can use this to your advantage to make use of as many effects as possible without diluting the content value. You can use as many characters as you need, have them doing as many tasks as possible and many other effects including show casing different locations.

Easier script delivery

Much as you might have a great script, there might be difficulty in it implementation when it comes to using real people. In most cases, if untrained in acting, the characters in the video tend to be less realistic than they should be which undermines the quality of the video. With great voice talent on the other hand, and a professional designer, you can have brilliant script delivery with an animated character.