Benefits Of Using Video In Marketing Your Hotel Business

Many marketing experts emphasize the need to use videos in your marketing campaigns. This is a great marketing move and one that could really put you on the map with increased customers and sales. But what exactly are the benefits of using videos for marketing your hotel business?

Videos draw the customer's interest

Videos utilize sound and sight to draw the customer's interest to your hotel business. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level, which then increases the possibility of the customer's involvement in your business. An added bonus of using a video is that it is more memorable, making it more beneficial to use in marketing than other tools or techniques.

Social media share potential

One is more likely to share a video in social media than a web page. Using a video therefore, gives you the added advantage of increased reach through your customer's share potential. By sharing your video, they help increase your customer base and drive more business to you.

Increased conversion rates and sales

Before prospects can become customers, they must be convinced that doing so would be the best option for them. In other words, they must trust you more than the competition. A video is the best tool to use in this case. As mentioned earlier, it gives you the opportunity to connect on an emotional level with the prospects. That gives you the chance to build trust with the potential client and draw them to the business. The eventuality of this is that you get an increased conversion rate, and with it increased sales.

Videos have great SEO potential

Some of the parameters used by search engines to gauge your ranking are the amount of traffic that you get on your website and the quality of your content. Videos can guarantee both of these parameters are met at the same time. By ensuring that you have high quality video and content on your site, you increase your search engine ranking. At the same time, since videos draw in more customers, either directly or through social media sharing and exposure, you guarantee yourself a higher ranking on search engines. That aside, there is also the matter of keywords, where the video increases the possibility of a search keyword leading to your hotel's website as opposed to a keyword used in an article.


Videos have many more benefits and you can leverage their potential to your advantage and guarantee a growth in your hotel business as long as you pay attention to the guidelines.