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Video Greetings: The New Way Of Interacting With Your Customers

If you are in need of a last minute but a unique way to wish your customers or loved ones a Happy New Year, Ramadan Kareem, Anniversary, Wedding or Event - or even announce big news - video greetings are something you should consider. Wondering why?

Well, it's safe to say that video greetings aren't a trend anymore. They are a reality from which many businesses benefit on a regular basis. Video replaced a lot of traditional forms of communications, and video greetings are the best new way to announce news or congratulate people on their new achievement.

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The best kind of greetings

Private &

VIP greetings to friends, family or Colleges. Birthday, anniversary ..... all the reasons are countless.

Customers &

Congratulate customers with the New Year or Ramadan? Of course is the best way be remembered.

Corporate &

Video Greeting for partners and the company becomes a general trend in the corporate culture.

Events &

Video invitations and announcements are the best way to attract the public to the event.

Greeting & Business Video Cards

How Video Greetings Replaced The Old Ways Of Spreading The Word

For example, getting a card to everyone you know about the upcoming holidays has been something people were using for ages. Businesses have done the same with their employees, or even customers. However, with the astronomical costs of this type of marketing and the expenses that kept piling up, it was time for everyone to accept the digital era and all the benefits it brings. And that is how video greetings were born, as the perfect and ultimate way to spread a message (that doesn't hurt your pocket).

Video greetings are perfect to use in any platform, or practically anywhere online. If you are a business, you can use them to announce news to your audience in your newest email, on your social media page or even your website's home page. If you want to adopt video greetings for personal use, you can share them in the same way to your friends or family - across every device and platform, from social media to email. But what's the deal with video greetings - and why are they so effective?

The Real Benefits From Video Greetings

As we already said above, video greetings don't come at a hefty fee. All you need to do them professionally is a reliable video production company and a marketing budget that is half the one you would be spending if you used them in their traditional form.

The secret behind their effectiveness, though, lies in their simplicity. Video greetings are short, animated, engaging, entertaining and just begging to be shared. Whether it's the holiday season or your new line of products, they have that potential to make people feel loved, warm and cozy. In a nutshell, video greetings are the perfect way to send a greeting that everyone will enjoy, wherever they are. It takes only one click for your message to reach someone - and it is up to you to choose the channel where it will be distributed.

The bottom line is that video is the most awesome improvement to the traditional greeting and/or holiday cars - and something definitely worth exploring.

You Know You Need A Video Greeting Now, Right?

It's hard to say no to technology, when it gives us all the benefits and lets us take part in a new, different and better experience. Whether you are an individual looking to spread the love with your loved ones or a business that wants to stay in touch with its employees or customers, your custom video greeting can now be a reality - in only a few days.

At Dubai Iceberg, we pride ourselves on nothing but excellence when it comes to video greetings. We create video greetings that are tailored to your needs, style and audience. But even more than that, we create experiences. So, are you ready to level up your digital strategy and see how video greetings can entertain your audience?
Contact us now with your idea and we will make sure to make the best of it!

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