Live Video Email - play video in your email

Finally, it became possible - Users will watch your video in a safety environment, in your email. This fact opens a new stage for email marketing.

Impact your users in their email. Impress yourself by CTR ratio.

You no longer need to implore customers to follow the link in the email on YouTube or Facebook. Now is a chance that your video will be seen higher than ever before.

We can use any of your videos for a marketing campaign. Of course, we are happy to make a new video for you and give a 50% discount on the Live Video Email.

Video CV Resume

Do not wait until your customers have received a video email from your competitors

Right format

Detecting the technology of the recipient in real time and shows the video in the right format and adequate resolution.

Analytics & data

Full analytics & data from your campaigns. You will compare your statistics and indicators - before and after Live Email.

+ CTR + Sales

Depending on the business sector, the CTR will grow from 150 to 400%! The opening rate can increase 3 times.

Autoplay & Responsive

The video will start playing immediately after opening the email. We provide a responsive video email template.

Cost per view (CPV)

You only pay for real video, never for GIFs or images with play icon.

50% off to customers

For customers who ordered video from us, we provide a 50% discount on the live video email.

You can order a test video email and clarify the cost of your marketing campaign

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